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So, if some of you don’t know who Oliver Velez is, he teaches people how to trade and also runs a live stream.

After leaving Wall Street, I was working as one of his traders for a little while (stock only) and had about 40M BP. One day, I went to the office to pickup my check and the guy who handled paying everyone (Fred) tells me that he skipped out on everyone so everyone wasn’t getting paid what was owed to them and that all could do was disburse whatever wasn’t drained from the firms overall account. I was owed about 300K for that month but only got paid about 7K

The dude didn’t know how to trade, leached off of his partner Greg; he was constantly trying to learn from another trader (also had about 40M BP) and me so he understood some concepts in terms of what I’ve taught in the market maker courses.

The dude created different companies and pulled the same move then ran off to Columbia and no one heard from him again. Years later, he pops up again but only teaching and only in Columbia. Recently, I found out that he’s back in NY visiting and thinking of reopening (I think it’s been 10 years now) so I’ve been bugging him on IG and he’s reading my messages but refusing to respond

So..... basically Olive Velez teaches a boot camp with the main focus around one of the scalping techniques he learned from us. He charges 2K to teach you the basics which eventually lead up to the scalping lesson (I taught this in one of the old scalping courses)

I’m sending out a mass message to all of his followers that I’m going to teach his entire boot camp in a 60 minute lesson so this will also be offered to you guys as well except the difference is you guys can get access to the live lesson PLUS recording but his followers can get access to the recording only which will be offered as a 30 day rental

What will be in this 60 minute lesson?

- What to trade

- How to filter out the trades

- How big of a position size to use

- Chart set up

- Where to enter

- Where to place Stop Loss

- Where to exit

- How much to exit

Since he charges 2K, I’m going to knock 90% off since I’m knocking out 90% of the fluff. I’m going to call this the AAML - Angry Asian Man Lesson

Sign up using this link

We will do the lesson at 8/23 11AM EST (after MasterClass)

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