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1K PT DT Format Test

If you’re in the Masterclass, you know the type of trades that I like to hunt down. This week, we will be making a change to the 1K PT DT subscription to see if we can do something a little more automated. A few minutes before the open, we will be sending out a text message for the 1K PT DT. The text message will look something like this


ABC > 100

Px 101.3 102

Stop 99

ABC 101c

To read this text, this text tells you that we plan to take a $300 position size on the ABC 100 calls if ABC trades at $100+, we intend to take profit at $101.3 and $102 unless we hit 10:30AM or get stopped out, then you would close out the trade.

How to use this text: if you’re not watching the chart, set a notification on your platform for ABC @ $100+. If the notification triggers, open the trade of $300 on the ABC 100c. After opening the trade, set notifications for $99 and $101.3, close out the trade if ABC hits $99 or half if it hits $101.3 then close the remainder if it hits $99, $102, or 10:30

The triggers for opening the trades will be good for the first 30 minutes, as long as the triggers hit within the first 30 minutes, take the trades.

We are testing this format this week to see if subscribers can get a better execution rather than waiting for a text to come in to tell them the position size, ticker, and price.

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