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Updated: Jul 27, 2020

For those interested in the Bukake, VuDoo, and Mod alerts, we are offering a promotion for the remainder of this month. 

You can pre-register for any of these alerts or for the entire group of alerts for a discounted rate by subscribing for 3 months. 

The pre-registration will charge you $1 now and then charge you at a rate of $150 per 3 months (33% off) or if you want to sign up for all 3, you will be charged $1 now and then $400 per 3 months (40% off) before 8/3/20. You won’t begin receiving any texts until 8/4/20. This promotion is good for the first 3 months then will renew at regular rates every 3 months.

Bukake Promo

VuDoo Promo

Mod Promo

Bukake/VuDoo/Mod Combo Promo

Although the challenge doesn’t officially begin until 8/4/20 you can head over to our subscription page and sign up now to begin receiving the texts immediately rather than wait. Our subscription page can be found at

As always, read our FAQ regarding any questions and our cancelation policy. Our FAQ can be found at

These promotions will be gone as of 7/31/20 so don‘t delay!

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