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Differences between Day Trade Texts

A question that I get asked a lot is what are the differences between various day trade texts?

This one isn’t a simple one because often times we change things and are currently streamlining the various processes but as of right, here is how I think of them


- Focuses only on SPY

- Least active of all the day trading texts

- Tends to get in early and add to positions

- Focuses on large gains of 50-300% - Think getting blasted by a grenade launcher


- Focuses on various tickers

- A balance of active and inactive

- Tends to get in early and play around positions if needed

- Focuses on gains of 20-200% - Think getting blasted by a grenade launcher then a sniper to clean up the rest


- Focuses on various tickers

- Most active

- Tends to wait later in the morning to open positions

- Focuses on gains of 30-50% - Think of having a sniper just waiting and waiting and waiting until an opportunity comes up

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