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Comprehensive Courses Coming Soon

Aside from the MasterClasses, we are constantly being asked about comprehensive courses which we are currently producing.

Some may ask - what is the difference between the MasterClass and the comprehensive courses?

The MasterClasses are meant to give you a large overview of different approaches to trading while the comprehensive courses are meant to each show you only one way.

I always compare trading options to playing chess. There are several different chess grandmasters in history with their own styles of play yet in the end, their goal is to win (or draw if needed).

If you’re a chess player like me, when you think of the greats, someone comes to your mind who you wish you could play like but as much as you wish you could play like them, your style may not match up with theirs.

Just like with trading, we all want to see massive gains but not everyone’s style will match up with specific strategies so sometimes jumping into learning from someone who is a one trick pony may not be suitable for you. For example, one guy I know of, teaches his own MasterClass and I know a few people who have taken it. They told me that his MasterClass is focused around candlestick patterns such as double tops/bottoms as well as head and shoulders patterns. As a Wall Street trader, I can assure you that we don’t use these patterns.

If you’re looking to improve your overall knowledge, see various points of views, and choose which works best for you, I recommend jumping in on the MasterClass or renting/buying some

of our MasterClass videos.

If you think you know yourself well enough in terms of your strengths and weaknesses, then the comprehensive courses would be the way to go.

Although the text alerts are great, I always recommend that everyone learns so that they can be self sufficient and trade on their own.



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