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Blog Time!

I’m going to start updating this blog regularly in terms of what’s going on with the site, subscription changes, and updating the 1K, 2K and the upcoming $500 challenges!

Next, for those of you who have been on the FB group, we will be bringing back the market updates in the form of a podcast! The podcast will most likely air once a week and depending on the live listener count, we will expand it to multiple times per week!

In our podcast, we will discuss market recaps, trade ideas, and would also like to have some of you on the podcast! If you’d like to be on our podcast, you can use the contact button and let us know!

Finally, let’s talk about the challenge accounts!

The $500 challenge aka YOLO will be starting up April 6th so be sure to sign up soon!

The 2K (day trade) is wrapping up as well and will be resetting on April 6th! The 2k challenge is now at $18,944 and up $1,900 for the week.

The daily results were

M +51

T +2567

W +395

Th -454

F -659

Weekly gain +1900

The 1K (swing trade) is now at $9174, up +$2204 for the week excludes value for any open trades

Biggest trade closed out this week

BA +$885

Biggest loser this week

DIS -$260

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