New Subscription Add-ons

Starting in May, we’re going to start offering a couple of new subscription add-ons, you can only sign up for these subscriptions if you’re in any of the current alerts, if you sign up for the add-ons without being in any other alerts, you will not receive them.

Here are details on the new add-ons coming out:

$25 each or $50 for all 3 per month

- Mod day trade alerts: these are day trade alerts which will be handled by the current moderators that help me manage the group

- VuDoo swing trade alerts: swing alerts handled by one of our buddies, Tim

Vu who has also successfully grown small accounts into 6 figure accounts

- Bukake alerts: day trade alerts handled by one of our students, Nick from the K$ MasterClass who we have seen evolve into a consistent trader over the last year

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