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I’ve been trading for a very long time- I started trading when I was very young, ended up working on Wall Street where I traded professionally, then ended up trading for myself full time.

With the my style of trading, I backward engineer everything and break it down in a way for everyone to understand.

Due to the way trading works in general, I’ve been giving thought to trading volatility by manually charting and buying based on increases in volatility rather than price action.

For those interested, if you’d like to sign up to get text updates as I run a trial on it for $20 for 1 week then $100 per month after the 1 week trial. You can use the following link.

During the trial, I’m going to focus solely on MSFT and AAPL using calls and puts priced below 2.00

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2 Kommentare

Will these alert only be buying calls/puts, not selling them?

Gefällt mir

Think you got cut off... all I see at the end is that you’re using “MSFT call and puts priced b...”

Gefällt mir
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