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Alert Updates

A question that comes up a lot is what is the difference between the stream alerts and the 2K challenge alerts?

The stream are trades that I take personally and can sometimes involve complex positions. For example, today I created various credit spreads on SPY to maximize my gains. Trades in the stream can sometimes be expensive, on some occasions, we play positions which may be considered expensive for most people where the contracts are 20.00+ The trade sizes are also based on equal $ amounts.

The 2K challenge is an account that we started with 2K (resetting on April 6th) and we keep the contract costs low as well as provide you with the number of contracts we purchase.

Sometimes trades between the stream and the 2K will match up with one another when it comes to entry but the exits can vary drastically. Other times, the stream may be playing for upside with the 2K is playing for downside.

One idea which we are considering is to have the 2K trade from midday to close while the stream trades all day.



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